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     I adore the cleaners from Croydon Cleaners. I have a few different people come to do my cleaning on a weekly basis and they are always so lovely, really friendly and very hard working.
Sian Bellows19/05/2020
     Your cleaners did a great job!! Great detailed work, I can't tell you, as a tired mama, what a blessing it was to have my house so spotless! Thank you so much!!
Ruby G.19/09/2019
     So super happy with the upholstery cleaning that Croydon Cleaners did for me. I've got a white sofa and curtains that was starting to look more grey, and they did a magical job - they look like new now.
Toby Hutchinson28/11/2018
     These cleaners have magic in their fingers. What Croydon Carpet Cleaning managed to achieve in the allotted amount of time was truly remarkable.
Nick J.11/06/2018
     The cleaners talked us through the process before they started with the work and took into consideration all our requests. I liked their professionalism and attitude to work, definitely the kind of company I would like to continue hiring. Now this comes from someone who seems to always find faults, but on this occasion I cannot fault this company at all. Croydon Cleaners was brilliant, happy with the cleaning service and the team.
Peter K.23/06/2016
     CroydonCarpetCleaning is the only cleaning company that I've hired that's never let me down. When I've needed a deep clean, a sofa clean or even and oven clean, this company has given me the best cleaner for the job, without fail. Please try this company if you're thinking about hiring help with your cleaning - you won't be disappointed!
     I have oak flooring in my lounge but over the years it has accumulated scratched, scuffs and stains. I asked around for some recommendations for a company who could restore my floor. Countless people advised me to use CroydonCarpetCleaning due to their professionalism, dedication and price. I cannot thank this company enough for how they've transformed my floor and now it looks almost as good as it did when it was new. I paid very little money for what was an amazing result.
Susan Williams24/11/2014
     The cleaning service we receive from CroydonCarpetCleaning is excellent. The cleaners sent to our home are always on time, they work hard and they have all the cleaning materials they need to do any kind of home cleaning. I know plenty of people who have worked with poor and very lazy cleaners and I was determined that this wouldn't be the case for me. Thanks to this cleaning agency we have a wonderfully clean house on a regular basis and it really doesn't cost is a lot to use them. In fact they are very cheap compared to some other cleaning companies who quoted us.
     When we were getting ready to put our house on the market, we did try to do the kitchen ourselves, but the results weren't good enough. We spoke to a family member and they gave us the number for CroydonCarpetCleaning, who we called up right away for a quote. When they arrived, we were amazed at how quick and speedy they were, and when they were done, how clean the whole kitchen looked. Countertops were sparkling, kitchen sink clean, everything was perfect. Couldn't have sold our house without them!
     When I hire any kind of service; (cleaning, moving, decorating, whatever) I always expect more than the bare minimum. A service that just does their job is less likely to win my approval than one who provides a welcoming atmosphere on top of that. I want a service who treats me like a human, is what I'm saying, and this is what I got from CroydonCarpetCleaning! They didn't just provide an immaculate cleaning service, their cleaners were chatty and always happy to share their cleaning secrets over a hot drink. It was a charming experience the first time I hired them, and it was just as great the second and third time too. Two thumbs up from me!
Chloe Hagan21/08/2014
     I had just bought a new flat and the previous owner had left the carpet and furniture but they were a little tired looking. So I arranged for a cleaning company I had heard good reviews about to clean the place from top to bottom, before I moved in. CroydonCarpetCleaning were brilliant they sent the cleaners with plenty of equipment to get everything thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. They cleaners worked hard, scrubbing, washing, polishing and vacuuming all day. The finished result was great and I was so pleased with how fresh and clean the place looked. The price was fair too, thanks so much for your hard work.
Jess Hansen24/07/2014
     This is the best cleaning company I've ever hired and I've been using cleaning companies for all of my life! CroydonCarpetCleaning managed to get my home absolutely sparkling and I've no idea how they managed it! When I came home I thought I'd come to the wrong house simply because I couldn't imagine my home ever looking as clean as it did! Everything had been dusted, polished and thoroughly cleaned like I've never seen it before. I get my house cleaned fortnightly now and I'll never switch to another cleaning company again. I'm a very happy customer - thanks for everything!
Jenny S.08/07/2014
     Cleaning is the thing I hate doing most. I cannot stand dusting, polishing, wiping, vacuuming and everything else. I decided enough was enough and from then on, someone else would do it. I called CroydonCarpetCleaning for some help and they sent me an expert cleaner. She has been doing all my sanitary chores for the last few weeks and I'm very impressed. She does everything I won't and does it a lot better. I'm also surprised at how much she seems to enjoy herself. With her around, I never have to clean again, so I'm going to keep hiring these cleanings services forever.
Jennifer Gale20/06/2014
     I wanted my new home cleaning before my baby was born, but didn't have the energy to do it myself. I was getting bigger and was tied all of the time. I called CroydonCarpetCleaning as I had heard good reviews about them at the local clinic. I called and booked a spring clean service, and was given a cost which was good. The day arrived and I was greeted by some lovely workers who went over what I wanted, before getting to work. The team worked hard and did a splendid job through the entire house. I was so pleased with the work. I will hire them again for sure.
Joanne R.26/05/2014
     It seems strange now, but I used to think that having a cleaner was sort of cheating! In fact, I have found that I was doing myself an injustice by cleaning yes, in wasting all that time, and never really doing a very good job of it! CroydonCarpetCleaning are perfect for the job in that they get the place looking completely spotless without charging through the nose, so I get a guilt free, beautiful home, without the stress of having to clean everything myself! What more could you ask for?
Gayle Reynolds29/04/2014
     My only regret with this cleaning company is that I didn't call them months ago! My house was an absolute mess, but no matter how hard I tried to clean it, it always just seemed to be a state again in a matter of hours! I hired professional cleaners from CroydonCarpetCleaning for a thorough one-off clean, and I was so impressed with the quality of their service that I now have a regular cleaner from the company too! My home looks fantastic, and people are always asking me how I do it! I love coming home to a clean house, and with such affordable prices I honestly couldn't be happier!
Carrie S.16/04/2014
     It's been a while since I first hired CroydonCarpetCleaning and I can now say that I'll never go back to my old cleaners. I've been using a cleaning service to help me pick up the slack around the home for a number of years, and it really helps me find the time to get a lot done. However, the biggest difference nowadays is that I've hired a far more capable company. It wasn't really that the old one were bad, but they were simply expensive for what they managed to provide. Not any more though, thanks guys.
Judy Simmons19/03/2014
     I needed quick spring cleaning from a reputable company. CroydonCarpetCleaning was able to provide this one-off cleaning service at an affordable price. I hired them after hearing great reviews from a friend. I didn't have the time to provide such a thorough clean, but I needed a hard working cleaning staff and they were able to provide just the services I needed. I couldn't be happier with the service I get from CroydonCarpetCleaning. They worked all day to make sure my home was immaculate and clean. I surely recommend them to anybody looking for spring cleaning or one off cleaning.
Paul I.18/02/2014
     I don't know how I coped before I had the help of CroydonCarpetCleaning. These house cleaners are really, really good at what they do and I can't fault them at all. They get into every single place in my home and make sure it's dust-free, grime-free and even streak-free too! The cleaners all use lots of different and effective cleaning techniques that just leave everything gleaming and I really couldn't be more impressed than I am with this service. I think everyone could benefit from the help of professional house cleaners and this is such a great company to use!
Mike E.20/01/2014
     How do they do it! If I knew that I would do it myself, but the truth is CroydonCarpetCleaning do such a superb job of cleaning my house that I just couldn't do by myself. Every week my cleaner arrives promptly and continues to work extremely hard, she is an absolute angel and I wouldn't want to be without her. They really go the extra mile and the personal touch that you feel as the customer is what really sets these guys apart (as well as the shiny taps in the bathroom!).
Wendy T.05/12/2013

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